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Cutting down on car expenses

A car is supposed to make your life easier, but it’s not supposed to drain your paycheck. With a little tweaking here and there and some changes to your car habits, you will save more than you thought possible.

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Commute to work

Most of us are not lucky enough to be living 10 minutes away from home. A lot of us have to travel for considerably long distances just to get to work. Driving during rush hour can be brutal for your back and legs and it can also be brutal for your gas tank! You burn a lot of fuel when you stop and go every few minutes, so save your body and your bank account and use public transportation. You will save on gas, you will get to work faster if you are going by train, and you will cut down costs considerably.

Park smart

If you are going to a national ballet show, or simply to a dinner downtown, do not be inclined to park at the first parking lot that you see. Do a quick search online before you head out if you are not too familiar with the area and find cheaper parking alternatives. There are usually cheaper parking lots at a walking distance from event venues.


If you can carpool to work and divide gas and parking money among a few co-workers, by all means do it. Even when you are going out, if you and your friends live close by, make it a habit that each of you drives once. Rather than all of you paying for gas every single time, divide it amongst you.

Fill-up when it’s cheap

When you find that gas prices have dropped on your way back home, fill up till the end. These days, especially, gas prices are on the rise, so make it a rule of thumb to fill-up when it’s cheap.

Service your car on time

Oil changes are a necessary cost. You don’t want to skip this step! Be sure to service your car on time and don’t get lazy. Otherwise, more problems will start to arise, which will cost you more in the long run.

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