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Ways to stay beautiful this allergy season

For many people, seeing flowers bloom and grass grow is a gorgeous occasion in every way. But for others, that spirit is dampened by allergies. Don’t let pollen turn you into a blotchy mess this spring. Instead, follow these simple tips for season-long beauty.

Sneezing woman

See your doctor

Over-the-counter medications can be perfectly acceptable for some, but for many, they do little to help the situation. Don’t let yourself suffer. Instead, see your doctor or an allergy specialist about whether treatments such as nose sprays and eye drops are right for you. A good nose spray could stop your sniffling altogether, and eye drops may eliminate that redness and need to scratch.

Prepare your arsenal

Don’t get caught having to rub your nose on your sleeve because you forgot your tissues at home. Prepare an arsenal of your most important allergy items, and keep them in a pouch that you take with you everywhere. It could include Kleenex, eye drops, nasal spray and whatever makeup you require for touch-ups.

Use the right makeup

Severe allergy sufferers may very well need different makeup for the spring than for other times of the year. If allergens make your eyes water, invest in waterproof mascara and liner. Apply less than you would during other seasons, just to be on the safe side. If you’re someone whose nose reacts the most at this time of year, consider upgrading to a more resiliant concealer, though you may still have to reapply it after a serious sneeze attack. You may also want to consider a powder foundation that you can dab on your nose whenever necessary.

Watch your hands

When allergies start to drive you crazy, it is all too easy to start scratching your nose or rubbing your eyes. Although this may provide momentary relief, it actually causes more damage — you will simply end up with more allergens in those sensitive areas. Make sure to wash your hands regularly, and avoid touching your face. It may seem like torture to not scratch, but giving in to the itchiness will quickly turn your skin into a blotchy mess.

Stay confident

No matter what happens this spring, don’t let your allergies be the boss of you. With these simple tips, you can feel beautiful all season long!

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