The dos and don’ts of tending to your eyebrows

For a polished, groomed look, well-maintained eyebrows are essential. The right shape and boldness can transform your appearance. Get the right brow for you with these timeless dos and don’ts.

Woman tweezing her eyebrows

Great eyebrows can make such a difference to your appearance. They can add structure and definition to your face, so getting the right shape of brow is important.

How to get the right shape

Here’s a rule of thumb for determining the right shape for your eyebrows: Hold a pencil vertically alongside your nostril. Where the pencil hits above your eye is where your inner brow should start. Next, keeping the pencil anchored beside your nostril, angle out the top of the pencil until it is at the outside edge of your eye’s pupil. Where the pencil is now falling is where your arch should be. Angle out the pencil farther, and when it lines up with the outer corner of your eye is where the outside corner of your eyebrow should reach.

Remember, though, that this is just a guideline. Everyone has unique features that should be taken into consideration when determining the most flattering eyebrow shape.

Other dos and don’ts for eyebrow maintenance:

  • Do tweeze one hair at a time. Devote time and patience to your brow maintenance; this is not something you can rush, or you may end up tweezing too much.
  • Do fill in your eyebrows. The easiest and quickest way to do this is with an eye pencil. Use short, quick flicks to achieve a softer, natural look. Filling in your brows with some eyeshadow in a dark, matte shade close to your hair colour using a brow brush also works well, but it can take more patience and time.
  • Don’t tweeze above your eyebrows. Removing a random brow hair is fine, but if you do too much tweezing in this area, the look can be unnatural and unattractive.
  • Do err to the side of caution. It’s easy to overtweeze, and if you do, it’s hard to cover up or fix, and then you’re stuck waiting until your eyebrows grow in again. If you’re patient and work on your brow shape over time, you can develop a good understanding of what shape works best for you.
  • Do use scissors to trim long, unruly brow hairs that would leave holes if plucked. Simply snip to a length that fits your eyebrow shape.

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