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4 Hair care myths


Your bad-hair days outnumbering the good ones? You may want to have a look at your hair care routine to see if you’re committing any mis-steps that could be working against you.

Woman shampooing her hair in the shower

We all want good hair. But there are hair myths that persist — ones that many of us may still follow — which could be preventing us from getting the great hair we seek. Here are some common misconceptions when it comes to tending to your mane.

Myth: Shampoo and condition your entire head.

Reality: Commercials may show sudsy hair piled on top of the head of the woman in the shower, but you really only need to focus on the roots when it comes to shampooing. The shampoo on your scalp is sufficient to naturally wash through the rest of your hair when you rinse, but at the roots is where you want to clean away oil and dirt. You don’t need to work your conditioner through from root to tip either. Your ends are where damage will show and where your tresses will get dry, so focus your conditioner on the ends. In fact, if you condition the roots, you may cause your hair to be heavier and have less volume.

Myth: The best way to grow out your hair is to not have it trimmed.

Reality: Even if your goal is to grow out its length, skipping trims will make the overall shape of your hair look unkempt. Keep it looking polished by getting a slight trim every two to three months to maintain a good overall shape.

Myth: Brush your hair 100 times every night to keep it healthy.

Reality: Brushing your hair this often isn’t necessary. In fact, manipulating your hair in this way may encourage oil production, so you may find your hair becomes more oily than usual. Also, if you often touch and play with your hair, the same thing may happen, so it’s best not to handle your hair more than you need to.

Myth: You need to shampoo daily to have clean hair.

Reality: Much like brushing your hair too often, over-shampooing may encourage excess oil production. While you don’t want excess oil, some natural oils are good for your hair’s health, so shampooing less often is actually preferable. Try to shampoo less frequently (use a dry shampoo on day two or three if at first you find your hair becoming an oil slick). Also, there’s no rule against simply rinsing your hair with water (but not shampooing).

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