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Fundraising ideas for school

Fundraisers can be fun-filled or a nightmare from hell. It all depends on how you are planning to collect the money. Whether you are trying to raise money for a classroom or for an awareness project, simply asking for donations does not always yield to the best results. Keep your fundraiser fun and you will collect all the money that you need.

Bake sale

Bake sale

Yes, it’s a classic, but you can never go wrong with a bake sale! You can even throw more than one, or have some of the products on display at the school cafeteria. Wanna make it more exciting? Have a themed bake sale. For example, decorate a table with Easter decorations and have an Easter bake sale. Make sure to announce it in advance so everyone comes prepared.

Talent show

Every classroom and every school is full of a wide array of hidden talents. There are those who can dance, those who can sing, those who can play a musical instrument, recite poetry, juggle, do gymnastics and so much more. One way to raise money is to throw a talent show fundraiser, where families and friends buy $5-$10 tickets at the door. This will get the students involved and active and can be a great jumpstart in fundraising.

Movie night

This can be a great evening spent with family in school. Have a movie screening in the school’s gym and sell tickets in advance for an affordable price. You can either prepare a seating plan or ask families to bring their own blankets and lawn chairs to school.

Bazaar table

Students can use their craft skills and creative abilities to make handmade items and sell them at a table so other students can buy them. Parents can be informed about it and encouraged to pop by as well. From handmade bracelets, to bookmarks or cards, anything can be sold, as long as it doesn’t cost too much to make.

Book sale

Bring in your old books and have a book sale! What more needs to be told? Use the school as a hub for unwanted and unused books, then try selling them for a cheap price for a green-friendly fundraiser.

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