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DIY egg-dying for Easter

Looking for a cheap and stylish way to decorate your house this Easter? Look no further than these simple DIY dyed eggs. It’s so easy, you can even get the kids involved. Or have a little creative “me time,” and decorate your home just the way you want for a fraction of the price.

Easter egg dye

DIY dyed eggs

This craft is great for people of all ages and abilities. The eggs can easily be combined in a large vase or basket for display, or be placed around the house on their own. You’ll have your home all set for Easter in no time!


  • Carton of eggs
  • Red, blue and yellow food colouring
  • A pin
  • Small jars or deep bowls that can submerge a whole egg
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Paper towels
  • A drying rack
  • Tongs


  1. Begin by piercing both ends of an egg with a pin. Gently move the pin around to make the holes larger without cracking the rest of the shell. Use the pin to pierce the yolk, and stir it around so that it forms a liquid that pours easily out from the hole. Empty the egg into a bowl, then repeat with the other eggs. Note: You can whip the egg mixture into a batch of scrambled eggs or use it in your cooking later that day!
  2. Combine a teaspoon of vinegar, 15–20 drops of food colouring and a cup of hot water in a bowl. Do the same for the other colours in separate bowls. For more variety, combine primary colours.
  3. Grab an egg with the tongs and place in the coloured water for anywhere from 2–10 minutes. Less time will yield lighter tones, while longer periods will provide richer shades.
  4. When egg-dying is complete, allow the eggs to dry on the drying rack. You can also dab them down with a paper towel if they are dripping a lot.
  5. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, you can really have fun with it. You can create a two-toned egg by dying it one colour and then holding half of it in a different colour for 3–5 minutes. Or you can cut pieces of tape into cool shapes and place them on the eggs to allow for uncoloured portions. And for a kid-friendly version, ask the children to slap their favourite stickers onto the egss after they’ve been dyed. You’re sure to have gorgeous, unique Easter eggs in no time.

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