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How to make your cat lose weight

Cats are often stereotypes as lazy, fat creatures that eat and lounge on chairs waiting for a belly rub. Cats might be lazy and love attention, but there are ways to prevent your cat from becoming too fat. Making your cat lose weight is not as impossible as it might seem. There are some tips that will help your cat lose weight and keep him/her active.

Fat cat

Watch what they eat

First and foremost, it is important to monitor your cat’s diet. You don’t need to have your cat in a strict diet, but some intervention is often needed and welcomed. As a rule of thumb, you want to stick to dry food. Wet food is very fattening and a cat can easily get used to it and refuse to eat dry food. It is also more expensive and impractical. Wet food should be used as a treat every now and then. There is also Weight Watchers dry food available at most stores. If you really want your cat to lose weight, perhaps you should invest in Weight Watchers and diet control dry food.

Systematize their meals

Cats, especially when younger, might be tempted to keep eating for as long as there is food around. Your job is to systematize your cat’s meals. One way to do that is by providing your cat with smaller quantities dispersed throughout the day. Or, you can fill up the bowl twice a day only and your cat will start to adjust accordingly.


Believe it or not, cats, just like us, eat when they are bored. Cats love to sleep and lounge by nature, but they also crave attention and like to play. One way to give your cat some attention and love is by playing with him/her. You can use cat toys and walk around your place with it, so your cat constantly runs and jumps in a calorie-burning workout. Also, cats will go crazy over light. Use a laser beam or a torch and direct it at a wall and watch your cat jump higher than you’ve ever seen him/her jump before. Set a specific time slot each day for these workout techniques and your cat will lose weight faster than you had ever thought possible.

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