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Carpets and rugs 101

Carpets and rugs are major home essentials. They come in all different shapes and sizes and they are more necessary than most items in your home. Before buying, storing or throwing away your carpets or rugs, here’s what you need to know.

Room with red carpet

Color and Size

The right carpet can truly enhance the room or the space it is in. It is not simply a way of covering an empty space; it’s at the very heart of the surrounding decor. If you have a hardwood bedroom that is not too spacious and you don’t want to fully cover the elegance of the wood, pick a small, round rug or carpet that goes with the overall decor of your bedroom and its color scheme. If you feel like the hallway in between your rooms is too bare, cover the floor with a long rug that matches a painting or two on the surrounding walls. The most important thing is to think about the space and pick a carpet or a rug that won’t overcrowd or overpower the space, but instead will be truly complementary.

Hanging Carpets

When it comes to silk or handmade carpets, we are often reluctant to keep them on the ground, especially with kids around. Carpets can often make brilliant wall hangings! If you have a tribal or a cultural rug, or even a smaller silk one, hang it on the wall with a few shining spotlights for an elegant wall decor.


If you are travelling for a longer period of time or you simply want to remodel a room and keep a carpet stored for a while, make sure you store it right. Rather than folding it and throwing it in your garage where bugs and parasites can eat away at it, cover it in whole grains of black pepper and roll it in a cylindrical form and keep it upright. The pepper will ward off bugs and parasites.


For everyday purposes, vacuuming should suffice, but, it is important to deep cleanse your carpets every now and then. You don’t want that fading out rug/carpet look to dull down your decor. Pre-vacuuming, take your carpet or rug outdoor and jerk it a few times across a step for all the sticking dirt or particles to be vacuumed off easily. Also, shampoo it with an appropriate shampoo (if it is not damaging for the material) once a year.

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