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Centerpiece ideas for your wedding

Weddings are a lot of planning and a lot of work, but they are an event to be remembered and cherished forever. It is important to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding, and it is important to love the theme and the designs and feel like it’s YOUR wedding. Here are some centerpiece ideas for your wedding.

Beach wedding centerpiece

Bottom of the sea

This can work perfectly for a beach wedding. Glue in or disperse some seashells loosely and a starfish or two in a clear fishbowl (the small, round, vase-looking ones), and line the bottom with sand. Then, you want to glue a candle in the middle. The candle adds a romantic, classy touch but the overall centerpiece speaks beach.

Bamboo sticks

If you are having a spring or an outdoor wedding this can really complement the overall style. Place eight or so bamboo sticks in a cylindrical shape and make sure that they are all cut to the same height. You don’t want it to be too short nor too long. It’s OK to let a few tiny leaves hang out; it makes it look more natural. Then, place a tulip, a Chinese orchid, or any flower of choice in the middle depending on your taste and the color scheme. Make sure to secure the bamboo sticks with a clean elastic bands or glue.

Floating candles

Fill up a fishbowl or a round vase with liquid and have a candle or a few candles in it. Essentially, this is the main idea. You can choose clear water, or you can choose to add food coloring or sparkles to your water, depending on the look and color you have in mind. As for the candles, they need to be horizontal and flat. You can use a few tiny ones, little hearts, or one big heart in the middle. You can adapt it to go with any wedding decor.

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