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Online shopping tips

Online shopping can be very tempting, yet very scary to some of us. Shopping from our very own computers at our own convenience is a blessing. But, some of us get worried about security, about the size and simply about being addicted. So, here are some things to keep in mind when shopping online.

Online shopping

Pick a reputable website

It is sometimes tempting to follow links for cheap, 75 per cent off CHI straighteners. But, do not trust any website that you see. E-stores for stores that you already shop at are trustworthy. If you are unsure about the website, check out reviews by Googling or YouTubing it. This will protect you from getting scammed.

Save a copy

Another security tip to keep your mind at ease is saving the receipt or the itinerary. Also save the customer service number. This way you can rest assured that you have a proof or purchase and you will receive your shipment.

Know your size

If you are buying clothes or shoes, make sure that you know your size very well before you go ahead and buy something online. It might be wise to try something in-store just to get a feel for that store’s specific sizing. If you can’t, just be sure to check their return policy. Do not jump into buying things online that you cannot possible return, unless you are 100 per cent sure of the size and the item itself. Keep in mind that some items might not actually look exactly like they do on display. Read the description — it might give you a better idea of the fabric and dimensions.

Take your time

One of the evils of online shopping is the urge to keep selecting and buying more than we need/want/can afford, especially if we are buying on credit cards. For starters, keep your credit card away. Browse when you have the time and only grab your credit card when you are sure to avoid impulsive buys. Also, “favorite” different things on different websites and weed out your choices in the end. This will give you the chance and the time to think your shopping bag through.

Be wary of free shipping

Finally, take free shipping with a grain of salt. Simply, do not be lured into piling up “$30” worth of items you do not necessarily want in an attempt to get free shipping and avoid paying “$10” shipping. One way to get around shipment if it’s expensive is collaborating with family members or friends and buying a few items together.

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