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How to break into the blogging world

Blogging can be a fun and productive way to pass the time. It can provide you with a much-needed creative outlet and inspire you in new ways. Breaking into the blogging world isn’t as tough as you might think. Follow these simple tips, and start your very own blog today.

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Find a publishing platform

There are dozens of publishing platforms out there from which you can start your very own blog. They provide you with the system into which you can input your words, photos and more. It’s easy to find one that’s free and that will allow you to blog whenever you want. But before you commit to a platform, check out the “help” section and take a guided tour. Make sure it seems like the right fit for you. Do you like the look of the sites it uses as examples? Does the system seem user-friendly? The last thing you want is to get two weeks into your blog, only to get fed up with trying to understand your publishing platform’s instructions and give up. Do your research and take your time before settling on a platform.

Pick a subject

You may want to post entries on a daily basis about things that require little forethought, or you may want to write about subjects that will take more time to fully develop. In either case, think about what you want your blog to be about before you get started. Beginning a blog with a loose concept could quickly lead to your becoming uninspired, and it may also reduce your readership. Readers are drawn to blogs that discuss subjects that interest them. If your posts are all over the place, people are less likely to follow you. This doesn’t mean you have to feel limited. Tying everything together could be as simple as making your blog about the fact you’re a mom, that you love healthy living or that you’re trying to be a more positive person. Such subjects can lead to a huge variety of posts, but they share common themes, which makes them more relatable to those who stumble across your writing.

Get involved

Feeling as though your writing is going unread can be frustrating, but you can’t expect readers to magically become interested in your blog. Gaining a readership involves taking the time to explore the blogging world. When you come across a post you find interesting, comment on it. If you stumble across a blogger with similar interests, tell them so. Most bloggers are excited to meet new people and share in the joys of what they do, so don’t be afraid to reach out and make friends. If you do, word of your blog will quickly spread, and you will soon find you have a wonderful and supportive following.

Stay engaged

Nothing kills a blog like procrastination or laziness. When you decide to start your own blog, you have to commit to writing in it. Pick a frequency you are comfortable with, and stick to it. That way, people know when to expect a new post and will look forward to it. If you post erratically, people may lose interest too soon. So commit to your blog, and you may quickly find yourself falling in love with this fun and productive hobby.

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