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Keeping in touch with friends overseas

We are lucky to have calling cards, Facebook and Skype. Gone are the days of letters and their allure, it is now easier than ever to keep in touch with friends overseas and make sure that your friendship does not get affected by the distance.

Woman talking to friends online

Use Facebook wisely

Facebook connects us more than ever before. At the same time, it can paradoxically negatively affect our friendships as we’d rather see what our friends are up to via Facebook rather than actually messaging or calling. If your friend is overseas, make Facebook a way to connect you. Rather than simply viewing pictures and statuses and leaving it at that, view it and then talk to your friend about it. Personal message your friend and ask him/her to check out your new trip, or your new shoes, or haircut, as if you are together. Use it to your advantage!

Book the time to talk

Make Skype dates or phone call dates. Skype makes it so easy for you to video chat for as long as you want. Pick a day and time and make it a date. This way you will keep one another updated and you will always be in the loop, regardless of the distance.

Indulge in surprises

Even though you can text, BBM, Facebook message and Skype anytime and all the time, it’s nice to surprise your friend every once in a while as a way to show him/her that he/she is special. Mail out cards or a small gift on your friend’s birthday. It shows that you are keeping in touch because you truly care and not because your Facebook told you it was their birthday. It doesn’t have to just be on birthdays, however, you can do it on holidays or for whatever reason you choose. It’s all about the element of surprise.

Meet halfway

If you are way too far to meet up, try to plan a short getaway half-way. Plan it together like you would if you were closer. Pick a city that is convenient for both of you and meet up. That way, you will get to explore new places and you will also get to see your friend.

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