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Spring cleaning your purse

Just like your home, after a while, your purse can get weighed down with useless junk. Carrying all that stuff around is exhausting and unnecessary. Declutter your most important accessory with these helpful tips.

Cleaning out your purse

Dump it out

Lay a towel down and place everything in your purse neatly on the towel. Crumbs, dirt and dust can quickly accumulate in a bag, so turn your empty purse upside down over a sink or garbage can, and shake it. Hold each pocket open and shake to make sure all the dirt comes tumbling out. Dampen a rag and wipe down the entire inside and outside of your bag. If it’s possible to do so, turn your purse inside out to give it some air. If that’s not possible, consider spraying a touch of air freshener inside it. Let it sit open for a while so it has time to air out.


Now it’s time to turn your attention to the contents of your purse. Begin by eliminating any junk that has been floating around. Gum wrappers, old candies, receipts, expired coupons and unnecessary business cards can all be put in the trash. Categorize the remaining items into “used daily,” “used weekly” and “used monthly or yearly.” Items that are used on a daily or weekly basis can stay. But those items used less often can be removed. Emergency medications or devices that are used only in specific situations obviously need a place in your bag, but take your time on the other items, and decide whether they really need to be with you on a regular basis.


Take this opportunity to reorganize your purse in a way that makes more sense. Do you find yourself shuffling around in your bag regularly to find a certain something? Maybe that item belongs in a more easily accessible place. Consider keeping more important items in a certain pocket that’s easy to get to. Or if your bag doesn’t have a lot of pockets, invest in a small pouch that can carry your “used daily” items. That way, when you need your lip gloss or bus pass, you can simply reach for that one pouch.


As with any spring cleaning, the real challenge lies in maintaining that new level of cleanliness. Moving forward, try to keep in mind all the dirt and grime you found built up in your purse and the time it took to eradicate it. Next time you get a receipt or cough candy, think twice before tossing it mindlessly in your bag. That way your purse can stay clean and fresh for a long time to come.

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