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Beach day essentials

It’s almost beach season! With the warm sun and mild winds, we all want to hit the beach after the past few months of hibernation. Before you put your bathing suit on and run wildly to the roaring waves, make sure you have all the essentials that you need for a fun-filled day at the beach.

Woman applying sunscreen at the beach


You might think it’s not always hot enough for the sun to damage your skin. But, believe it or not, even when the ground is covered in snow, the sun’s rays can still be very damaging to anyone’s skin. If you are going to the beach, be sure to bring a bottle of sunscreen with a decent SPF with you. Even if you want to tan, cover your face and skin in sunscreen as it only prevents the absorption of UV rays and does not create a shield from sun rays. Or, use tanning oil with built-in SPF.


Hats are not just for fashion. Sitting in the sun all day can result in a sun stroke. You might not realize it as you are lounging, playing and swimming, but it tends to hit you the following day. So, keep your head protected and bring a hat with you to the beach.


No one goes to the beach to swim endlessly then go home. We all love relaxing in front of the waves and chilling. Make sure to bring music and a book with you so you can keep yourself entertained as you are lounging in the sun. Also, bringing a soccer ball, a Frisbee or a volleyball would be a very good idea. And don’t worry if you are a small group, you will always have others joining the fun.

Snacks and drinks

Swimming makes you hungry and you don’t want to spend a fortune at the beach. Buy a slushie or hotdog but be sure to bring munchies and snacks with you. And make sure that you bring enough water bottles with you and keep hydrated for as long as you are in the sun.

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