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Best rain-friendly spring attire

April can bring with it a whole lot of unpredictable weather, and rain can damage even the most put-together look. Stay dry and stylish with these great spring fashions.

Woman with umbrellaRaincoats

Often when we think of a raincoat, we envision a giant canary yellow or forest green sack that gets the job done but is anything but flattering. But raincoats aren’t just for kids and experienced hikers anymore. Rather than rely on your usual spring coat — which likely isn’t designed to deal with heavy rain — invest in a stylish raincoat for the season. They come in all sorts of lengths, shapes, sizes and colours so you can stay dry and feel gorgeous at the same time. Waterproof versions of sleek trenches, glamorous capes and casual anoraks are all great options. For added protection, look for a coat that has a hood. Wearing a hood might not be your favourite look, but getting to your destination with your hair in perfect shape is definitely worth it.


Umbrellas can be accessories in the same way purses and shoes are. They come in all types of prints, colours and styles, so you can pick the one that suits your needs on any particular day. Add a little bit of fun to a rainy day by choosing an umbrella that speaks of your personality. You can carry a neutral, collapsible one for when you want to look professional, and then have a couple of colourful, playful ones on hand for the rest of the time. It’s hard for the rain to get you down when you’re walking around town under a vibrant, eye-catching umbrella.

Rain boots

Trying to get by during rainy weather with the shoes you normally wear is never a good idea. Cold, wet feet are uncomfortable and can really dampen your mood. Instead, protect your feet with a cute pair of rain boots. They don’t have to be those dark, clunky things you were forced to wear when you were a kid. Rain boots now come in lots of fun styles. Boots in bright hues, animal prints and fetching designs can be found in virtually any shoe store. Just make sure they’re labelled as waterproof before you buy them.

Always be prepared

The weather this time of year is incredibly unpredictable and can quickly ruin your look if you’re not properly dressed. So even if the forecast promises sun, always have a back-up plan in case you suddenly find you need to stay dry. And with these practical yet fun styles, that isn’t a hard task at all!

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