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Eye cream: Is it necessary?


We hear that it’s extremely important to take care of our skin as we get older. This means a good facial cleanser, toner, and nourishing moisturizer. But what about eye cream to moisturize the delicate area around your eyes? Is it necessary?

Woman applying eye cream

This has been an ongoing debate among beauty and skin care experts.These pricey tiny tubes promise to prevent or even reduce wrinkles around the eyes to keep you looking youthful. However, do you really need two moisturizers for your face? Are the eye creams, some of which cost more than a regular facial moisturizer, worth it? Absolutely not! Below are reasons you don’t have to worry about buying an eye cream.

They aren’t really different from a regular facial moisturizer

Advertisers cleverly use large words as key ingredients in their anti-aging eye creams to persuade you of their effectiveness. However, you usually end up paying twice the price for half of the same product you use on the rest of your face. If you compare the ingredients list of the eye cream with that of any regular facial moisturizer, they are practically identical and in the same concentrations. Moreover, while many facial moisturizers contain sunscreen (usually SPF 15), the majority of eye creams don’t include sunscreen and thus won’t protect the area around your eyes from the largest cause of aging skin!

The area around your eyes isn’t as sensitive as you think

Sure, the skin under your eyes is delicate because it’s thinner than other skin areas, but the skin on the rest of your face is just as sensitive, so a good facial moisturizer will work for both areas. Of course, you’d still have to be more gentle when putting on makeup or moisturizer around your eyes. Rubbing and tugging the skin around the eye is always a bad idea. Lightly tap or softly sweep on facial moisturizer with your finger.

They can’t get rid of under-eye circles

No research or studies support the claim that skin care ingredients can reduce or eliminate dark circles, sagging skin around the eyes or puffiness. In fact, those issues are all hereditary and defined by genetics. While eye creams cannot alter skin-aging and discolouration around the eyes, a good facial moisturizer can improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes, as it contains the same ingredients as an eye cream. Other things you can do to improve puffy eyes or dark circles is place cucumber slices or cold wet tea bags under your eyes for a few minutes each day, drink lots of water, get enough sleep and buy a good concealer.

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