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Ways to save money when flying

It’s all too easy to spend money unnecessarily when flying. Save your money for when you land, with these simple tips.

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Pack your own meals

What’s worse than eating a three-day-old sandwich and a small cup of apple juice for lunch? Paying 12 bucks for it. Don’t get caught paying for overpriced plane food. Instead, plan ahead and bring enough meals and snacks to last you the trip. Liquids will get taken from you at security, but everything else is fair game. Wraps and sandwiches are easy to pack, and you can make yours just how you like them rather than have to select from the less-than-stellar plane options. You can also pack snacks such as veggies and hummus, granola bars and trail mixes with fruit to make sure you never wind up with a grumbling tummy.

Take out books and magazines at the library

The fear of getting bored on a long flight makes it all too easy to fall into the trap of buying a book or set of magazines at one of the many airport stores. Instead of paying top dollar for your entertainment, stop by the library a day or two before you depart and pick up some time-passing literature. Just make sure to double-check when they’re due so you don’t wind up paying late fees!

Pack your own earphones

Some airlines still charge for earphones to watch the in-flight entertainment, and that’s just money down the drain. Pack your own set and avoid silly fees.

Consolidate packing

Never forget that nearly all airlines now charge for every bag you check. This can add up very quickly. Instead of paying more than you need to, consolidate your packing and remove any unneccesary items so you only have to pay for those bags that are absolutely necessary.

Weigh your luggage

Before loading up the car with your suitcase, take a moment to check what weight the airline permits, and pop your luggage onto your scale. The last thing you want is to find out you have to pay overweight-baggage fees for a measly half an ounce more.

Team up

Consider asking a family or friend to drive you to the airport to avoid parking fees or cab fare. Just make sure you return the favour the next time they go jet-setting!

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