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Spring cleaning for your makeup bag

While you’re spring cleaning your house from top to bottom, don’t forget to give your makeup bag a cleanup too. Ditch old products — they may be harbouring bacteria. Here’s how to figure out what to throw out.

Messy makeup bag

You love that signature lipstick of yours and it’s been discontinued. But is it worth holding on to when it’s harbouring bacteria and it smells kinda funky? Makeup can expire, and if you continue using it past its “use-by” date, you can get an eye infection or it may irritate your skin. Here are some spring-cleaning tips when it comes to your makeup case.

You’re in luck if you’ve never opened the product

If you’ve never cracked open the seal or applied any of the product, you can hold on to it a little longer, as bacteria has not been introduced to the tube, bottle or jar. But don’t mistake this for forever — estimate one to three years’ life for a product that’s never been opened.

Give products a thorough once-over

Look at your products — have the ingredients separated? Is it now opaque when it was once clear? Your makeup shouldn’t be changing its appearance.

Do the sniff test

You apply makeup regularly, so you have a good sense of what a product should smell like. If something smells off, that’s a good sign it should go into the trash.

Be particularly careful with eye makeup

Your eyes are sensitive and offer a way for bacteria to enter your system. So be particularly careful with mascara and other eye makeup.

Regularly sharpen your pencils

Keep your lipliners and eyeliners sharpened to remove the top layer on the tip. Keep your pencil sharpeners clean as well (use some rubbing alcohol to disinfect them).

Wash your makeup bag too

It’s easy to forget the pouch you tote your makeup in, but you likely toss it into your handbag and handle it all the time. Dirt and bacteria can build up on the outside as well as inside it. Toss it into the laundry, or just ditch it and use a fresh, new one.

Close and cap your makeup products

Sometimes when you’re in a rush, you leave makeup open on the counter. As often as possible, put the caps back on tubes and jars. The less exposure to air, the better.

Avoid storing your makeup in the bathroom

The bathroom gets humid from your baths and showers, which promotes bacteria development. It’d be better to keep your cosmetics in a drier room, such as your bedroom.

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