How to keep your indoor plants healthy

Indoor plants can last for years and grow healthily if proper care and attention is given to them. Watering your plants is a basic necessity, but to get that healthy, green, rigid look, you will need to do more than just the basics. Here are some tips for keeping your indoor plants healthy and green year round.

Indoor plants

Ensure proper light

We often disregard the importance of light. Plants need sunlight for them to produce chlorophyll and get the nutrients necessary for growth. Though meant to stay inside, indoor plants need their share of light too. It is important to read about a plant when you first buy or plant it. Each indoor plant has different light demands. So make sure you know where your plant is best placed before blending it with your decor. If you must keep a plant in an area with no windows, be sure to make up for the lack of sunlight by installing artificial lighting.

Clean the leaves

Watering plants is not equivalent to cleaning them. We drink water, but that doesn’t stop us from showering, does it? Plants accumulate dust and impurities on their leaves, which clog their pores and prevents them from absorbing light properly. Clean the leaves by using a spray bottle of water and a cotton ball and gently wiping away any dust or dirt.

Upsize your pots

Your plant, like your kid, will grow, as will its roots. And just like your children need bigger shoes and T-shirts when they outgrow their old ones, plants do outgrow their pots. As your plant grows, be sure to replace the soil and transplant it to a bigger pot, giving the roots enough room to spread out. Your indoor plants might not need outdoor soil, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need ample room to grow.

Supplement with nutrients and vitamins

While sunlight and water are the essential elements for a plant’s growth, extra vitamins and nutrients will help them grow in a healthier manner. Think of our own diets. If we eat the bare minimum, we will still live and grow. But if we eat lots of fruits and take extra vitamins, we will have better immunity to illnesses and a stronger physique. Provide your plants with plant food every now and then. Just be sure to read the compatibilities before buying plant food, and buy the proper one for your plant.

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