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6 Ways to make your hair colour last longer

When it comes to hair colouring, the shade is always going to look best right after the hair’s been coloured. If your hair colour seems to fade fast, read on for tips on how to make your colour job last longer.


After the time and money you’ve spent on your hair colour, chances are you want to prolong your colour job as long as possible. Here are some ways to help keep the colour looking vivid and true for as long as possible.

Use the right products

Don’t just use your boyfriend’s shampoo and conditioner. Your colour job truly will benefit from products designed for colour-treated hair. These products typically contain less harsh ingredients and are more acidic than alkaline pH.

Apply a hair masque weekly

A masque will deeply moisturize your hair. Again, stick to one designed for colour-treated hair. Apply it every Sunday, for example, so you can let it sink into your hair while you enjoy the newspaper and a coffee.

Protect your hair from styling tools

The heat from your blow-dryer, flat iron and curling iron is not good for your hair. When styling your hair using one of these hot tools, be sure to first apply a protective spray or treatment so that the heat does not damage your hair or its colour.

If you’re a swimmer, be careful about protecting your mane

Chlorine and salt water can do a number on your colour. Wear a swim cap to help prevent your hair from being directly immersed into a chlorine or salt water pool. If you want to be extra careful with your colour, comb some conditioner through your hair before putting on your swim cap. With your hair already saturated with conditioner, it’ll be harder for the harsh pool water to penetrate the hair shafts. If you don’t have any conditioner on you, soak your hair in plain water before hopping into the pool; your hair will absorb less of the pool water.

Install a hard-water filter

Hard water can cause your hair to lose its shine, lustre and vividness. A simple investment, installation of a hard-water filter on your shower head will help prevent this from occurring.

Wear a hat to protect against UV rays

The sun’s rays can zap your hair of its vivid hues. Wearing a hat with a broad brim on days spent in the sunshine will help your colour stay truer longer. If you can’t find the right hat (or even if you do), you can also spray a product with UVA and UVB protection into your hair.

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