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Bold and bright makeup

Bold, bright colours (even neons) are in this season — both in fashion and in makeup. Here are some tips on how even those of you too timid to try colour can learn to embrace bright makeup.

Applying orange lipstick

With spring finally here, you can break out the bright clothes and makeup you’ve been holding on to till now. Not one to wear hyper-neon shades and look-at-me bold hues? There are ways you can tone down the look to get the same effect, or you can use these tips as a stepping stone to wearing bright shades in all their glory.

Bright lipstick

Oranges, fuschias, purples — some of the hottest lip shades are not for the shy at heart. Try a lip stain or gloss — a product with a sheerer finish — so you can get a similar look without the in-your-face punch of colour. Or, if you’ve already got the lipstick shade, dab on the colour with your finger. Try this a few times, and you may find you’ll start getting used to the colour on your face. Then you can apply more and more of the lip colour to get more intensity (or you can stick to the muted dab of colour if that’s your comfort zone).

Bright eye makeup

Afraid of looking a bit clownish with vivid blue or green eyeshadow? A much easier way to get a pop of colour is to use the eyeshadow to line your eyes (smudge it out and blend with a neutral if you want to soften the colour). Or try using colour in your mascara choice — it’s an unexpected switch-up that we promise you’ll get loads of compliments on.

Bright nail polish

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to wear a bright colour is to paint it on our nails — perhaps because the colour is on our extremities rather than on our faces. You can even minimize how much colour is on your nails by keeping them trimmed short. If you feel bright colour on your nails is too bold, try it first on your toes. Once you’re used to seeing it there, you can easily work up to having it on your hands. Alternatively, wear a more muted shade on your hands and then use the bright shade to create a half moon on the tip (that is, use the bright colour in place of white in a French manicure).

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