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5 Career killers

You’re gunning for that better title and corner office, but you may be sabotaging your chances without even knowing it. Sometimes we can get so singularly focused that we lose sight of how we’re holding ourselves back.

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You may think you have your eyes on the prize — advancing your career — but you may be hurting your chances without even realizing it. Here are five career killers to watch out for.

Overpromising what you can deliver

Yes, you want to impress the client and your boss, but overpromising what and when things can be done may lead to your failing to do what you’ve promised. In other words, fail miserably. While you may be keen and enthusiastic, be careful and remain realistic about what you say you can accomplish. Following through and actually meeting a challenging but reasonable target will be more well received than setting a goal too high and failing to reach it.

Not building relationships

In this day and age of smartphones and email, it can be easy to never actually pick up the phone or meet with clients, colleagues and vendors. But building relationships is often more efficient and builds loyalty and goodwill.

Not pursuing more learning

Keeping your skills up-to-date is key, so you should regularly seek to advance your skills to ensure they are always current. Check what type of professional development benefits your company offers. Many will cover the cost of taking a course in your field, so you have even less of an excuse for not pursuing higher learning.

Not tooting your own horn

Don’t get us wrong; we don’t mean you should brag and highlight everything you do right in your job, but sometimes a subtle reminder to your superior doesn’t hurt. After all, they may be too busy with their own jobs to pay attention to the progress of a certain project. Consider dropping a quick email update when that major account is meeting — or exceeding — the targets set for it. This may help them keep it top of mind when it comes time for review (and maybe even promotion!).

Failing to be a team player

If you’re only ever focused on yourself and constantly singing your own praises, you will end up with few allies among your colleagues. Give praise to team members when they’ve earned it, and focus on helping to bring up the team as a whole. Demonstrating these leadership qualities will only serve you for the better in your career.

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