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Uplifting night out ideas

We all have down times, no matter our age, work situation or relationship status. Life is never perfect, and it often gets the best of us. And let’s face it, sometimes our hormones wreak havoc with us too. Whether or not the cause is fixable or controllable, here are some night out ideas that will help lift your mood and leave you feeling refreshed and happy.

Women having drinks on an outdoor patio

Girls’ patio time

Call your best friends, dress up and hit a trendy patio! Your closest girlfriends will know how to make you smile without your having to talk about what’s bothering you. Every girl goes through emotional ups and downs, so your friends will easily relate. They won’t judge you or demand explanations. As a group, they can get you laughing with all your heart in no time, which is exactly what you need. And spending time in the fresh air will make it even better.

Dance your worries away

Literally shake your blues out of your system. Let loose and feel the music in your body. Close your eyes if you want to. Dancing is a form of workout and it will produce those feel-good endorphins. What’s more, singing at the top of your lungs while losing yourself to the rhythm will stop you from thinking so much and allow you to forget about the world for a few hours.

Comedy show

Often when we are down, our first instinct is watch some sappy movie and cry. But all that ends up doing is leaving us feeling more sad. What you want to do is take control and satisfy your desire to feel better. Go out and have a good laugh with your friends at a comedy show. Live stand-up comedy can be quite the fun change from your usual night out haunts.

Sleepover weekend

Sometimes being alone is the worst part of feeling down, so spend the night at a friend’s house. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you are not left to your overthinking mind. Surrounded by the comforting presence of a friend, you will start to feel much more relaxed and calm. Plus, spending the weekend at a friend’s house will almost feel like a mini-vacation. Even if you two go out to your favourite bar or catch a movie, the idea of spending time away from your bedroom is always uplifting.

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