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Throwing a great bachelorette party

Your moment has finally come, and you’ve been given the exciting role of your best friend’s maid of honor. Unfortunately now the real stress begins, as you come to terms with the fact that you are the official party planner of virtually every event leading up to the big day. Take a deep breath and relax. With this simple guide, you will have a perfect bachelorette party planned in no time.

Bachelorette Party

Know your bride

The biggest component of planning any kind of party is knowing the guest of honor. Fortunately, seeing as you’ve been declared her “right-hand lady,” chances are you know her pretty darn well. So all you have to do is plan a party that caters to her tastes. If you know she wants all her younger sisters to be involved, odds are that barhopping isn’t the right move. In the same way, if she has talked about how wild she expects her “last night of freedom” to be, don’t set up a quaint tea party at a local bed-and-breakfast. Think back to all the past events your friend has attended and what she has commented on. Does she love games? Is she a big dancer? Does she believe food is an important component of a good party? Just jotting down some of the things you know she loves will have you well on your way to planning the perfect event to suit her needs.

Get creative

A night on the town is a perfectly suitable jumping-off point to get your planning started. From there you can go in any number of directions based on who the bride is. Bachelorette parties are supposed to be wacky. In the majority of cases, no amount of crazy themes, costumes or games is too much. Consider coming up with a theme you know your friend will love. The theme doesn’t have to be typical like “Hawaiian” or “Mardi Gras.” If she loves chick flicks, make that your theme. If she’s a world traveller, bring that into it. The more personalized you make it, the more exciting it will be for her. And don’t be afraid to dress her up in a crazy bachelorette get-up that will make it clear she’s the guest of honor all night long.

Play games

A bachelorette party is the perfect time to be totally silly and wild. This isn’t your average night out. Coming up with unique game ideas is a great way to make the evening a night to remember. Wedding-related games are often a big hit. Consider asking her husband-to-be a series of questions beforehand and then posing them to her to see if she knows what his answers were. You can also try out games tailored to things you know she loves. Is she a big fan of sappy love songs? Consider making her sing a sentimental ballad every place she goes. Or if she’s a lover of Truth or Dare, create a list of dares and questions she has to accomplish or answer over the course of the night. There can even be prizes!

Don’t be afraid to ask

Of course you want the evening to be an exciting surprise, but you also want to make sure she has fun. So don’t be afraid to use her as a sounding board early in the planning process. Simple questions such as “who do you want to invite?” and “how crazy do you want it to be?” will help ensure that you give her just the evening she’s looking for.

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