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Favourite trees to plant in your yard this spring

There are many obvious benefits to having trees in your yard. Trees will help define your space, add shade, increase your property value, attract birds and add beauty to your outdoor surroundings. Consider adding these trees to your outdoor space this season.

Planting a tree

Colorado spruce

  • Is one of the most widely planted spruce trees; commonly used as a Christmas tree.
  • Reaches a height of 80 feet and will attain a spread of 20 feet.
  • Has long spiky needles that maintain their grey-blue colour all year round.
  • Is a low-maintenance, slow growing tree that can accommodate most soils and moisture levels.
  • A long-living tree that works well in creating a shelter belt or privacy in a large area.

Norland apple

  • Produces a large, sweet red apple that’s excellent for eating or juicing.
  • Requires well drained soil and full sun.
  • Is tolerant of pollution so it makes a great choice for inner city neighbourhoods.
  • A medium-growing tree, it will reach a height of 20 feet with a spread of about the same.
  • Flowers beautifully in the spring and has dark green leaves through the season.

Prairifire flowering crabapple

  • Creates a beautiful focal or accent point in the garden.
  • Develops lush, fuchsia-hued flowers in the spring and the leaves change to yellow in the fall.
  • Is medium-growing tree that will reach 20 feet with a 15-foot spread.
  • Is well adapted to many soil types and thrives in full sun.
  • Is very disease resistant.

Schubert chokecherry

  • Is a nice accent or shade tree that catches the eye with its deep burgundy leaves.
  • Is perfect for city dwelling as it is highly tolerant of pollution.
  • A medium-growing tree, it will reach a height of 23 feet with a spread of 16 feet.
  • Requires well drained soil and full sun.
  • Attracts birds with its dark red-purple fruit.

Sugar maple

  • Canada’s national tree is a beautiful standout tree for your yard.
  • Is a large, long-lasting tree that’s well suited to larger yards or spaces.
  • Medium- to fast-growing, it will reach heights up to 75 feet with a 50-foot spread.
  • In the fall, the leaves turn to brilliant shades of yellow, orange and yellow.
  • Prefers well drained soil and full sun although it can tolerate shade.

Swedish aspen

  • A wonderful narrow tree packed with leaves that rustle gently in the breeze.
  • Perfect for smaller backyards or tight spaces.
  • Can be planted within feet of each other so they work well when a few or more are used to help define a private space.
  • Is fast growing and will reach a height of 35 feet.
  • Easy to grow and will accommodate most soils and moisture levels.

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