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5 Ways to spend less at the grocery store

We all want to feed ourselves and our loved ones good food. But that gesture doesn’t have to cost us a fortune. With these simple tips you can get the best at a far more budget-friendly price.

Woman grocery shopping

Compare prices

The biggest trick to budget-friendly shopping lies in picking the right grocery store. Some chains use their name power to inflate prices unnecessarily. They might charge you a dollar more for the same bag of chips you could buy cheaper somewhere else. Instead of shopping at whichever store happens to be closest, take a look around your neighbourhood and compare prices. And don’t be afraid to mix and match. If one store has better produce but the other charges less for boxed items, make purchases at both locations. If you keep looking, you will constantly find better deals than you ever thought possible.

Use flyers

Every grocery store releases weekly flyers, both online and in print, that showcase their best deals for the week. This is an easy way to snatch up products at their lowest possible price. Most stores update their sale items every Thursday or Friday, so check in regularly to score some great deals!

Clip coupons

Using coupons is definitely not something to be embarrassed by; lots of people do it, and they are better off for it! You can find great deals tucked away in magazines, newspapers and even on product packaging. Keep an eye out for those items you use regularly or ones you’ve been meaning to try, and seize your opportunity to test them out at a better price!

Buy in season

Although inflation and other costs might cause some grocery-store items to change in price, it is the produce section that experiences the most ups and downs. This is simply because fruits and vegetables are more available at certain times of the year. By keeping an eye out for those products that are in season, you can easily save yourself a lot of money.

Forget about the brand

There’s no denying that marketing works. You see a gorgeous girl talking about how great she feels after eating such-and-such and chances are you’re going to feel a connection with that product. And though price can sometimes impact the quality of one variety over another, in many cases, a product may simply be more expensive because of the brand name. Rather than going immediately for the kind you’ve heard of, consider scouring the racks to see if there’s a better deal. Often a no-name brand can be half the price of one of the big names, and the taste is virtually the same. So what have you got to lose?

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