How to dry your flowers

Flowers are every woman’s fantasy, and if we could preserve the moment they represent forever, we would. What we can do, however, is preserve the flowers and keep them as home decorations. Here are some tips and quick steps to preserve flowers, or flower bouquets, for a little longer than a week or two.

Dried flowers

Flowers arrangements are a beautiful element to add to your home decor. They do need a lot of tending, though, especially flowers in vases and bouquets. Adding dried flowers to your decor can be a nice, seasonal change to the look of your home, and keep it looking beautiful without much attention.

Drying bouquets I

The two key words are: “closed spaces” and “upside down.” Do not wait till your flowers are dead to dry them. Sprinkle a just a few drops of oil (baby oil will do; it’s optional, but it helps reduce petal fallout) over your bouquet and wrap it tightly in a plastic bag. Turn your bouquet upside down and hang it thus for a week or two. Open up your plastic bag and place the bouquet in any vase to add an elegant touch to your home.

Drying bouquets II

Another way to dry a bouquet is by placing it upside down in your clothes closet. (You can pass on the oil to avoid greasing your clothes.) The dry, still air in the closet will help dry the flowers faster. If you like, you can turn your bouquet back up and keep it in your closet permanently, once it’s dry — it will provide a faint, beautiful scent to your clothes.

Pressing single flowers

Bouquets aside, we sometimes pick out a flower from our own yard that we are just so in love with. Or, we are given a flower by someone special. Whether you want to preserve a memory or simply dry your single flowers separately, the procedure is easy. Take a drop of baby oil and smoothly rub it around the petals. Place the flower between two sheets of tracing paper and enclose them in the centre of a thick, hardcover book. Leave it for a week or two to fully dry. Open up your book, and voila! The flower is eternally yours.

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