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5 Ways to make business travel more enjoyable

If your job calls for you to travel often for work, you know that business travel can be hard and tiring. Follow these strategies to help make the travel experience go more smoothly.

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Business travel always sounds so glamorous — jetsetting from one city to another — but ever notice it’s people who don’t travel often that think so? Because people who do spend much of their time travelling for work know how gruelling it can be: staying in generic hotel rooms, forgetting which city and time zone you’re in because it’s all started to blend together, eating room-service dinners as you crack away at work on your laptop. The bright side is that there are some ways you can make your business travel a little less arduous.

Stick to one carry-on

First off, George Clooney‘s character in Up in the Air was absolutely right in insisting on flying only with one piece of carry-on luggage. You save time at the airport by skipping the baggage carousel and you never have to worry about your luggage getting lost or delayed.

Perfect mix-and-match styling

When packing, check your destination’s forecast and put together a few outfits composed of pieces that can be mixed and matched into even more outfits. In fact, you’ll soon learn what types of clothing travel well and work with several outfits, so you’ll be able to shop more wisely for a travel wardrobe. Once on a trip, plan to use the hotel’s laundry service and this way you can reduce the number of total outfits you need to bring.

Make a checklist

To make sure you remember your travel essentials, create a checklist you can easily refer to each business trip, so you can whittle down the time spent packing. Remember to include items such as charge cords for all of your devices, adapters and some currency of your destination city.

Be a loyal flyer

Try to fly with the same airline whenever possible. This will allow you to collect loyalty points, which will benefit you by getting you access to their airport lounge (much more comfortable than the regular airport lounge), priority seating onto the flight, and, of course, the reward of free flights you can use for personal vacations.

Develop a system for receipts

To keep track of your business expenses, develop a system for maintaining your receipts, even one as simple as a set of envelopes or even sandwich bags in which you can easily stash receipts quickly (to prevent them being crumpled up in your pocket and accidentally thrown out).

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