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Ways to speed up your morning beauty routine

Of course you want to look your best throughout the day, and that means making time for your beauty routine in the morning. But it doesn’t have to be a trade-off between beauty and sleep. With these simple tips, you can slice a hefty chunk of time off your daily routine and get that extra shut-eye you so desperately need.

Woman in the shower


The shower is a great opportunity to get as much done as humanly possible. Instead of waiting for the water at the sink to get warm, get your face-cleansing done in the shower. The steam in the room will also open your pores, so you’ll save time and get cleaner, smoother skin in the process. You can also consider brushing your teeth in there, while you let your conditioner set. Not only will you be accomplishing many things at once — you’ll also be saving on water consumption!

Moisturize early

It is important to moisturize after showering as the hot water can leave your skin dry and fragile. But if you leave moisturizing until right before you dress yourself, the dampness on your skin can make clothes tough to get on and frustrating to fight with. Instead, lather on the lotion immediately upon getting out of the shower, so your skin can dry naturally.

Dry wisely

If you begin blow-drying your hair the second you step out of the shower, your locks will still be holding onto a lot of water and will therefore take far longer to dry. Instead, dry your head vigorously with a towel, making sure you have gotten into the roots and all through your strands. Take a few minutes to let your hair dry naturally while you go through some of your other morning tasks. By the time you get back to your hair, part of the job will already be done for you. When you do pick up that blow-dryer, make sure to start at the roots first, as they hold onto the most moisture.

Remove clutter

Sorting through those six eyeliners and four blushes crammed in your makeup bag every morning wastes a ton of time. And many of us go through this shuffling every single day! Instead, pick out your go-to beauty products and lay them on your counter in the order in which you will put them on. When morning comes, all you have to do is work your way down the line, hassle-free.

Maximize time

When it comes to makeup, also remember that not everything has to be done at your dressing room table. If, for instance, you spend part of your morning on the bus or train, consider getting part of your beauty routine complete at home and leave the lipstick or hair adjustments for the commute.


Rather than getting trapped in a slow-moving rut, assuming however long it takes is just how it is, don’t be afraid to play around with your routine. Try doing things in different order, or even at the same time, and see how it works. Time-savers are everywhere — and if you look for them, you are sure to snatch yourself some extra shut-eye!

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