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4 Ways to use argan oil to improve your hair and skin

Argan oil is one of the hottest beauty products out there. If you haven’t yet tried it, here are four ways you can use the Moroccan oil in your beauty routine.

Healthy hair

Curious about argan oil, which seems to be popping up in all sorts of beauty products these days? This oil is made from the pressed nuts of the argan tree, which is found only in Morocco. The nuts (and thus the oils) are high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and the many benefits of this oil are only now being realized in North America.

The oil from roasted argan nuts can be used in cooking in much the same way you might use olive oil; the flavour is slightly nutty. The pure, pressed oil also has a multitude of beauty uses. When buying an argan oil product, make sure to check that you’re getting a high concentration of, even pure, argan oil, rather than something composed of many filler oils.

Strengthen hair

If you suffer from breakage, argan oil is said to help boost elasticity and make your hair stronger and less brittle. Apply a few drops to the palms of your hands and work through your hair.

Control frizzy hair

Lack of moisture can cause the frizz in frizzy hair types, but argan oil can help keep your hair under control. Smoothing some of the oil onto your hair helps to seal the cuticle and hydrate your tresses, creating a layer on the hair cuticle and thereby making your hair more manageable. The moisture it adds to your hair will also boost shine while not weighing it down or making it feel greasy.

Moisturize dry ends

If your hair is plagued by dry ends, argan oil can help hydrate them and make them healthy again. If you have fine hair, this is the best use of the product for you; while argan oil is light, people with especially fine hair should use it sparingly.

Moisturize your skin

Although very much touted for its benefits for your hair, argan oil can also be used on your skin. The oil is non-greasy and absorbs quickly. It can deeply hydrate your skin and has also been said to be beneficial for people suffering from skin conditions including acne, psoriasis and eczema.

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