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6 Budget-savvy travel tips

You’re on a budget — or simply want to shave off some costs on each trip so you can travel more often. Here are some ways you can get away while pinching some pennies.

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Book last-minute

If you’re flexible on exact travel dates and even on your destination (say, you simply want to be by a hot, sunny beach or have a number of spots you wouldn’t mind visiting) then booking last-minute can save you money on flights and on packages — just track the prices, or set up some travel site email alerts. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’re trying to travel somewhere during a very popular season (for example, Christmastime in New York).

Stay at more casual accommodations

Skip the hotels and explore hostels, bed-and-breakfasts and other accommodations, through sites such as airbnb, which offers a network of spots to stay with local residents. Sure, you won’t get turn-down service, but have you ever even used that?

Give up the ensuite bathroom

If you’re willing to share a bathroom at your accommodations, you can save big bucks — so if you can get over having to pad down the hallway to shower, this is a great way to pinch some pennies on your getaway. Bring a pair of flip-flops to wear in the shower and your own soap and toiletries to help make it more comfortable for yourself. And be sure to check out reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor to see how clean and well-maintained the bathrooms are, based on past visitors’ reviews.

Go in the off-season

If you’re willing to risk having not the most superb weather, or don’t mind being at your destination at a quieter time of year (at least you’ll avoid throngs of tourists!), by all means travel in the off-season and you’ll save money on both airfare and accommodations.

Learn to pack just a carry-on

Aside from the fact that more airlines are charging for checked-in luggage, when you have several heavy bags, you’ll have to tip the porter and your taxi driver for helping you with your pieces. Haven’t mastered the skill of packing well? You can get tips on packing light right here.

Make your own breakfast

If your accommodations have a fridge or even a kitchenette, you can save cash daily by having a light breakfast at home rather than heading out to grab a full meal. Picking up a few groceries at the local market is also always a good way to get a feel for your neighbourhood, too.

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