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Oil control

Plagued with oily skin and want to get your shiny complexion under control? Here are five ways you can help reduce and manage the excess oil your skin is producing.

Woman applying a clay mask

If your complexion bears too much resemblance to an oil slick throughout the day, don’t fret — we’ve got some tips on how to help manage your oily skin and reduce breakouts.

Keep a hands-off policy

You may not even realize how often you touch your face throughout the day. When you touch your face, you could be encouraging the production of even more sebum, or skin oil, so try to keep your fingers and hands away from your face. Whenever possible, sweep your hair off your face, and when using the phone, refrain from pressing it against your cheek. (Don’t forget to clean your phone regularly with an antibacterial wipe to reduce germs, bacteria and dirt on its surface). When you do need to touch your face — to apply makeup, for example — be sure your hands are clean.

Cleanse with a gel

Rather than a soap or creamy cleanser, use one in a gel format, which, thanks to its light format, works best for your oil-prone skin.

Moisturize your skin

Just because your skin is on the oily side doesn’t mean it doesn’t need moisturizer. In fact, drying out your skin will only signal your oil glands to go into overdrive and they’ll produce more oil, worsening your condition. For the same reason, you should avoid using toners and astringents (and any product with alcohol in it) because they’ll only parch your skin.

Stick to mattifying skincare and makeup products

Before applying your makeup, apply a mattifying primer, such as L’Oréal Studio Secrets™ Magic Perfecting Base, to help give your skin a more flawless finish. Stock your cosmetics case with oil-free products. To do your face in the morning, apply a foundation created for oily skin and dust lightly with translucent powder. Avoid the temptation to absorb oil throughout the day by packing on more powder, as you’ll only end up with cakey-looking makeup. Instead, gently blot away excess shine in your T-zone using a blotting paper, as needed.

Add a weekly clay masque to your routine

Help draw out and absorb oil (and keep your pores clear of trapped oil and dirt) by doing a masque once or twice a week. Over time, this should help reduce the amount of oil your sebaceous glands are pumping out.

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