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DIY Easter decorations

Easter decorations are a lot of fun! And while not everyone is crafts-loving or crafts-savvy, getting together with your family or roommates to make some Easter decorations can be fun, too — and quite the bonding experience.

Easter eggs

A big part of seasonal celebration lies in the spectacle of it. I don’t mean a fancy, $200 spectacle. I mean those iconic decorations and ways of celebrating that bring warmth to your heart and make you smile. (Think Christmas trees and the colour red!) Here are some easy DIY things you can do alone or with roommates, your family or other loved ones to enjoy your Easter and truly celebrate.

Easter eggs

A classic, but a must! You cannot celebrate Easter without a basket of eggs. Some of us like to start the day with some egg painting; that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own decorative egg basket prepared. Rather than buying a basket of colourful plastic eggs, you can easily make your own. And no, it does not involve two-week-old smelly eggs, or ones that might break and ruin the whole basket. What you can do is paint the eggs in any colour or theme you like; then, empty out the insides with a syringe. This will leave you with beautifully painted shells that you can carefully stack in a basket and use as a spring and pre-Easter home decor.


You can buy little bunny ornaments; or — and this can be especially fun to do with children — you can dress up stuffed bunnies. Most of us own random stuffed toys (or they can be purchased at any dollar store). Dress up a bunny or two with a hat, a scarf, a vest, a pair of glasses. It’s your chance to be the stylist. Place your bunnies in a corner or two in your home. If you have a balcony or a porch, sit a bunny on a chair.

Easter trays

This can be a nice project leading up to Easter — paint your own tray! Either buy ready-made wooden trays from a dollar or art store, or buy already-cut wood sheets (available at Home Depot) and attach your own handles. Then, use watercolours to paint and decorate your tray. You can paint carrots, bunnies, eggs, a basket — it all depends on your artistic prowess. If you’re worried you will make mistakes, use a pencil to trace out your design first; then, go over it with a marker and fill in with paint. It’s always fun to have something at home that you and your family members put together. And you can definitely use it way after Easter is over, too.

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