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Spring’s hottest workout clothing and accessories

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to make it to the gym or to a tough workout session. With these hot spring clothes and accessories you’ll be begging for a chance to show them off!

Woman running

Bright tops

We all know that sweating is natural, but that doesn’t mean that we’re desperate to make our extreme perspiration noticed by the entire gym. Fortunately, there are many stylish looks out there this spring that will keep you looking great and sweat-free. If you’re someone who perspires a lot, or simply someone who works really darn hard at the gym, then chances are you’re going to be sweating a lot from your underarms. And since that space doesn’t experience a lot of aeration while you work out, those sweat stains are just going to linger. Avoid the problem altogether by opting for a tank top over a T-shirt. Also, look for styles that have a built-in bra, as many of us sweat a fair bit through our upper backs and having that extra layer can go a long way toward keeping that a secret. Many of us are also prone to getting that line of sweat down the middle of the spine. In order to avoid this, look for a shirt that has an aerating strip down the back or falls away loosely from the torso, like Lululemon’s no limit tank.

Water bottles

Why drag around an old Evian or Dasani plastic water bottle when you can sip from a more environmentally-friendly and good-looking source? Nowadays, you can find water bottles specifically geared towards your particular lifestyle. If you tend to travel a lot or simply don’t have a lot of space in your purse, consider giving a collapsible water bottle a try. Or, if you need some added inspiration and humour at the gym, consider getting one of Lululemon’s metal bottles, which feature quotes such as “I love running (it makes my calves look good in heels)” and “I like running because I really, really, really, really, really, really like dessert.” They’re practical, cute and a great conversation starter!

Workout skirts

Skirts as athletic attire aren’t just for the Wimbledon ladies anymore. Get your workout accomplished and feel sexy the whole way through with this hot spring style. The skirts are made with built-in matching underwear or short shorts, so you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing flashing situation. You can do all the activities you normally would, just with an extra boost of girly confidence. offers many different colours and styles, so you can pick out the look that’s just right for you!

All-day wear

Spring is also going to be huge on the athletic look as a whole, so don’t think money invested in gym gear will go to waste. All those cute sneakers, sexy yoga pants and hot hoodies will be more than acceptable attire when you step out to the mall or for a walk around town. So, get shopping and give yourself one more reason to be active this spring!

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