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Spring break makeover: Kids rooms

Kids rooms should be fresh and fun. Here are some clever ideas to help organize and make their spaces imaginative and very cool!

Kids room

Your kids spend a lot of time in their bedrooms… not only for sleep, but to play, hang out with their friends, do homework and chill out. Shouldn’t their space be cool and imaginative, suit their needs and be created in a design they love? This spring break, work together to spruce up their spaces and make them the rooms they’ve always hoped for. It’s a fun project to tackle together, with a little bit of labour and not too much cash!

Clean and fresh

In most kids’ opinions, the down side is what comes first: clean it up and de-clutter! Sort, fold and hang up the clothes so that you have a clean canvas to work with. The single easiest way to change the look of a room is with paint. It’s a one-day project to tape the trim and paint the walls and a fresh coat of colour makes all the difference. Once that’s done, brighten up scuffed doors and trim with a gloss of pure white. Or, consider chalkboard paint for a bland closet door — you’ll create a message board and an appropriate area for kids to let out their artistic side. Some of these chalkboard finishes are magnetic, too, so with just a few magnets you also instantly add a bulletin board! Don’t automatically defer to traditional “blackboard” colour, either. Check out the neon pinks, greens and blues for a pop of style.


Kids have a lot of stuff, so they need places to stash it! Use out-of-the-box kitchen cabinets painted to coordinate with the room as a base for a stretch of desk and workspace along a long wall. Just top them with a sturdy piece of plywood or a run of countertop, cut to fit at your home improvement store. This creates a great work area for homework and oodles of room for other kid projects, and the cabinets add valuable hidden storage.

Run a length of shelving around the room a third of the way down from the ceiling. It’s an excellent display area for dolls, stuffed animals, books and collectibles, from matchbox cars to train sets. It puts these prized possessions in view, while neatly corralling them up and off the floor! Don’t neglect valuable space under the bed… plastic storage boxes can house everything from winter sweaters to shoes and extra blankets.

The soft touch

Lighter bedding is in line for spring, so change out the flannel sheets and add more personal style with kid-friendly colours, patterns and prints. An inexpensive reversible coverlet lets the child change the look with their mood: stripes or polka dots flip over to reveal plaid or floral. Add a few fun cushions with embellishments such as lace, sparkles or fringe. Big comfy floor pillows are cool in bright colours and a good place to lounge with friends when the child is entertaining in their personal space. Make sure the task lighting is adequate for desk work and reading, and within hand’s reach on the bedside table.

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