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4 Tips for a flawless complexion


Banish dark circles and hide blemishes like a pro by brushing up on your concealer skills. These four steps will help you get the flawless complexion you’re looking for.

Undereye concealer

For a flawless complexion, a proper skin care regimen and good skin care habits will help; but we all break out now and again, or pull those all-nighters that leave us with dark raccoon circles underneath our eyes. This is why a good concealer is an essential tool to have in your makeup kit. To get the perfect-looking skin you’re after, read on for some key concealer tips.

Prepare your skin

Before you even pick up your concealer, you have to make sure your skin is well hydrated, or else the product will collect on and highlight the dry patches of skin. After cleansing your face, apply your moisturizer, give it a minute to absorb and then apply a primer.

Use the right shade of concealer

Select a concealer that blends flawlessly into your skin tone. You should own two shades of concealer: one for the cold months, when your skin is paler, and one for your tanned skin in the summertime. In addition, for under your eyes, you can consider a slightly lighter and brighter shade to help hide dark circles and generally brighten this shadowed area. Be sure to look for one that is moisture-rich (some undereye formulas can be drying and will only age you more).

Apply a concealer only for its intended use

A concealer is intended to offer fuller coverage for small areas and dark circles. It’s not meant to be used all over your face. Similarly, don’t expect that simply dabbing more foundation onto your blemishes and circles will achieve the same flawless look that using a concealer would.

Cover blemishes with care

When covering up blemishes, be sure you wash your hands before touching these sensitive, inflamed spots, Using one finger or a clean concealer brush, dab a bit of concealer onto the pimple and blend. If you haven’t achieved enough coverage, then add another layer and blend until you get a flawless look. But be careful not to apply too much; less is often more when it comes to concealer. If you overdo it, it’ll just look cakey and draw more attention to the blemish. To set your concealer, dust with some translucent powder.

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