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Spring clean: Your toiletries/bathroom drawers

Dump expired medications and dated cosmetics. It’s time to spring clean your toiletries and bathroom drawers!

Messy bathroom

Spring cleaning fever is upon us, and while we’re working through our homes, sprucing up and cleaning out, a neglected clutter catch-all lurks in our bathrooms! Bathroom drawers and vanities hide outdated toiletries, cosmetics and all sorts of items that seem to migrate there… broken nail files and empty prescription bottles, random Q-tips and spent tubes of toothpaste, combs without teeth and a huge assortment of hair and grooming products. Get your trash bag and get ready to clean!

Countertop clutter

Sweep it clean! Remove as much as you can so you’re able to wipe down and polish surfaces to a squeaky clean and the room already looks better! Clean fixtures and floors, add fresh towels. Now it’s time to start sorting. Cosmetic and toiletry items aren’t meant to last forever. Check dates and get rid of the old items. More importantly, check dates and expirations on all medications, both prescription and over-the-counter types. Anything past the expiration date should be properly disposed of. Before you put the keepers back, give some thought to safety. Never place medications where children and pets will have access.


Empty out drawers and vacuum dust any residue, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. To keep small items like eyeliners, mascaras and brow pencils organized, try using a silverware tray. It will keep them from rolling to the back of a drawer so they’re always handy, right where you placed them. It works for cosmetic brushes, too. Wash those off with a gentle soap and allow to air dry before you put them away. A pull-out rack in the cabinet offers great organization for hair-care products and sprays, curling irons and blow dryers — even an extra stash of toilet paper. Dump old mascaras, stubs of eye pencils and drying-up nail polish. Old toiletries and cosmetics can carry germs and cause infections. It’s well worth the price of a replacement to avoid itchy eyes from an ancient mascara!

Mount a hanging holder near the sink for toothbrushes, or let them air dry in a china cup by the sink. Get extra storage by going vertical — cute shelves can hold hand towels and lotions that were crowding the counter and drawers. A stylish and generously-sized waste basket nearby will remind everyone to dispose of empty tubes of toothpaste and styling gel instead of tossing them back into a drawer. Keep unwrapped bars of bath or hand soap in the drawers. Exposure to air hardens the soap and makes it last longer, and the fragrance fights the musty odor bathroom drawers sometimes get. Make a list as you sort and clean, so you won’t be caught without necessary items you’ve tossed because of expiration dates and empty tubes.

Keep a small bottle of glass/counter cleaner and a roll of paper towels nearby for quick clean-ups. Even kids can swab spattered counters and drawer faces when they’ve finished washing up, and it helps maintain your spring-cleaned bathroom vanity.

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