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Decorative lamp styles to brighten a room

Lamps are not just another boring essential for a room. Apart from lighting them up, lamps can play a major decorative role in closed spaces.

Living room lamp

Lamps come in all shapes and sizes. You can easily pick one for both decor and function, and you can even add a little extra touch to your lamp.

Before buying a lamp, or reusing an old one that has been long trapped in your garage, consider the space that you have and what kind of lighting (or extra lighting) your room needs.

Standing lamps

Standing lamps can pretty much fit anywhere, but are mostly useful in living rooms and dining rooms. A standing lamp and a plant is all you need to bring life to a dull corner. You can invest in a wooden lamp if you have a fireplace and more antique furniture, or you can get a stainless lamp with a colourful shade to go with your walls. The choices are truly endless. You don’t even have to pick a lamp that looks like a lamp. For bigger spaces, you can add vase-looking decorated lamps. It will create a more dim-lit, chic atmosphere.

Table lamps

Perhaps the most classic choice (and most essential, when it comes to bedrooms) is the table lamp. Whether on an end table beside an armchair in your living room, or on a bedside table for reading purposes, table lamps are very useful. Usually when you think of table lamps, you think boring fabric and colour. But you can go beyond that Spider-Man themed lamp in your child’s bedroom when it comes to spicing up your table lamp collection. One easy way to do it is with left-over fabric from curtains, cushion covers or any other decorating project. You can make a bow, a flower, or a cutout design from the fabric and add it to your lampshade.

Wall lamps

Wall lamps tend to go hand-in-hand with mirrors in bedrooms, especially if your mirror is not in sync with your window’s position. That’s when wall lamps come in handy! They are small and often come in very creative shapes and designs. Wider wall lamps can transform a living room in a big way, especially when going for a more modern feel.

Pendant lamps

These are universal and practical. They give off the most lighting without taking up a lot of space. Pendant lamps are your best friend if you are a furniture lover. Practical, yes — but no one said they need to be boring. You can install anything from disco-ball inspired lamps to Chinese lamps, depending on the overall style of the room.

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