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5 Hair resolutions

We all want good-hair days — but do we do everything we can to have them? Follow these hair rules regularly and you’re sure to get envy-inducing hair.

Beautiful brunette

If you want your hair to look good, you need to give it some attention — and yes, maybe spend a little more sometimes. Resolve to follow these rules and you’ll be more likely to have great-hair days.

Spend a little more time on your hair

If you lust after the big, bouncy hair, or the sleek styles of the latest It-girl, and yet you spend about 30 seconds doing your hair, well, therein lies your problem. You can’t expect your hair to look good with that little time spent on it. While it’s true that celebs have a hair stylist on call to do their ‘dos, if you devote more time to properly styling your hair, your hair can look good, too.

Do a weekly hair treatment

Speaking of spending more time on styling your hair… spend more time giving it some TLC as well, by including a weekly hair masque as part of your hair regimen. It’ll deep condition your hair to keep it strong and shiny.

Invest in products made for your hair type

If you’re using any old shampoo and conditioner — maybe even what your boyfriend uses, just because it’s easier than having two sets of product cluttering your bathroom — you may be doing your hair a disservice. If your hair is coloured, you need products created specifically for colour-treated hair. Same goes for fine or thick hair. You can’t expect your hair’s needs to be addressed by just any bottle of product.

Invest in quality tools

You can scrimp on some styling products, such as mousse and hairspray, but you need a quality hair dryer and brushes to get the job done right. The bonus of a good blow-dryer is that it’ll save you time and effort. And a great brush can help you create sleeker looks and control flyaways better.

Get regular trims

Even if you’re trying to grow out your hair, you should go see your stylist at least every six weeks. If you wait too long between appointments, your hair will start to look unkempt, ragged and undone, and you risk developing split ends.

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