DIY headboard ideas

Want a new bedroom look without breaking the bank or buying something lack-luster at a department store? Consider creating your very own, unique style with these DIY headboard ideas.

Purple headboard

For an inexpensive change

For a cheap and easy new headboard, consider creating one out of an old rattan screen. Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman, from the daytime show Steven and Chris, illustrate how simple it is to create a new headboard for under $50. All you need is an old screen, some paint, a spray primer and a few nails and you can have a gorgeous new look to your bed in no time. Plus, you can paint it whichever colour you prefer and even add some decorations if you’re feeling adventurous.

For a cozy feel

If you want a warm and inviting look, consider creating your headboard using fabric. With just a large piece of plywood, a few key tools and a wide bolt of durable fabric, you can have a brand new headboard put together in no time. It’s so easy you can do all the other beds in the house while you’re at it! Stop by your local fabric store and have fun picking the style you think will fit. Lines add width and height to the room, while prints contribute a bold pop of decoration. The project can be accomplished in a day, it’s inexpensive and you can pick the colours and styles that work for you. Plus, sitting up against a fabric headboard is far more comfortable than that old brass or wood one you were using, so it’s wins all around!

For a rustic style

If you are determined to create a homemade headboard that looks anything but homemade, follow the DIY Network’s tips for creating a rustic wood headboard. It’s a more intense process as it requires some woodworking, but you will end up with a very professional-looking result. Plus, you can choose to simply varnish it for a natural wood look or paint it in whichever way you choose. Once you have the base, how you customize it is completely up to you.

For a modern spin

For something really modern and unique, consider pursuing Canadian Living’s photographic headboard. The process is a little more time-consuming and costly but this is definitely your best option if you want something truly personalized. Imagine a headboard that features the beaches you strolled along on your honeymoon or the clear skies you captured on the day of your child’s birth. Now you can have just that. This is truly a unique and inspirational way to start and end each day.

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