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3 Animals that make surpisingly great pets

The pet world isn’t just for the cats and dogs anymore. Lots of other little creatures make great additions to the family. So if you’re ready to welcome an animal into your home, consider these unique and exciting options.



When we think of fun pets, it’s natural to gravitate towards furry kittens and puppies. But if you’re looking for a pet with loads of personality, a budgie just might be the right fit for you. Sure, you can train a dog to sit and stand, but can you teach it to talk? Budgies are capable of mimicry, which means that if you buy one when it is a couple months old, you can train it to say certain words and phrases. It’s hard to be cranky at 6 a.m. when you hear a cheerful “good morning” coming from the other room. They are also incredibly low maintenance and when provided adequate food and water can last overnight on their own if you have to be somewhere else. Visit the Budgie Palace for all the information you need on getting your very own perky little bird.


If you think you’re ready to meet the demands of owning an exotic pet, then an iguana just might be right for you. They can live for well over 20 years, so an iguana is a good pet if you are looking to make one a member of your family for a long period of time. Owning a reptile requires a lot of attention and care, since they aren’t naturally built to live in our environment. You will need to invest in the necessary housing, food and living requirements so make sure you are in a financially stable place before hitting the pet store. Purchasing an iguana can be a costly endeavor but also a highly rewarding one. Check out the Green Iguana Society’s tips to get a complete sense of whether you’re ready to welcome an iguana into your family.


As members of the weasel family, ferrets may not have the glamorous history of cats and dogs. But according to the Ferret Information Rescue Shelter & Trust Society, FIRST, they are now the third most common uncaged pet in North America. They live for around eight to ten years and weigh between two and four pounds. They are very playful and engaging creatures with plenty of personality. Unfortunately, this does mean they aren’t suitable if you have young children because the extreme energy in their encounters could end badly. But if you are living alone or with your partner, a ferret might be just the addition you’re looking for.

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