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Build your cat his very own palace

Just as we love buying toys for kids, it can also be fun to give the furry member of the family a gift every now and then. And what better gift than to create for him his very own palace? With this simple guide you’ll be well on your way to designing your perfect cat castle.

Cute kitten playing

There are five things that cats love more than anything else in the world, and if you manage to include all of them in your pet palace, your furry friend will have all he needs.


As anyone who has witnessed a cat somehow manoeuvre himself onto the top of the fridge or the highest shelf of a bookcase knows, cats love heights. They don’t care how hard it might be to come down — if they see a high place to get to, they will get themselves there. So make sure your palace involves different levels, one of them as high as you can safely make it. Make sure the levels are stable, because cats may be brave but they aren’t stupid. If your furry one feels a tremor when he hops onto that high level for the first time, it is unlikely he will return. So get everything screwed in tightly before you let him at it.


There’s a reason we call them “cat naps” — cats love napping and they will do it just about anywhere. To keep your pet from leaving pools of fur all over your couches and guest beds, create his very own napping station in the palace. It can be nestled underneath the play area or on a level all its own. Make sure it is large enough that he can take on any position he desires, and cover it in loads of different cozy fabrics and plush pillows. This is your chance to really style the place how you want, so have fun with it!


If you take a look at those items in your house that your cat loves scratching most, you will quickly discover what you’ll need to decorate the posts of your kitty palace with. Old carpet, thick rope and tough upholstery fabric are all great items to use. The tougher the fabric, the longer it will last and the less often you’ll have to replace it.


Cats are willing to paw at just about anything that shimmies or shakes, so have fun creating your very own toys to hang from the posts and levels. Take a trip to your local dollar store and buy up any fun strings, balls or feather toys you think your kitty might like to play with. Put the items together and staple them around the palace for your little guy to play with when he wakes up from his nap.


If your pet is a catnip or treats lover you can reward him in his pet palace as well. Simply dedicate a certain area as the food station and treat him to a little goody every now and then. You can sprinkle a little catnip on the bed or offer him a treat or two when he has been really good.

The website Feline Furniture has scratching-post blueprints to get you started, and from there just see where your imagination takes you!

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