Foundation makeup: Essential tips

Foundation makeup has come such a long way; no longer do you have to worry about feeling this makeup on your skin — and many of us wear it every day. Here are some tips to making sure you’re wearing it right.

Beautiful makeup

What do so many of us refuse to leave the house without? Our foundation. And it’s pretty obvious why — even skin tone and flawless-looking skin is absolutely essential as a base before you start prettying yourself up with blush and eyeshadow, for example. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you’re getting the most out of this must-have beauty product.

Find the best shade for you

Your foundation should not look like a mask — it should truly blend in seamlessly with your skin. To make sure you’re getting the best colour for you, when at the beauty counter, select the three shades closest to your skin. Apply three swatches onto your face near your jawline and put them right next to one another (don’t forget which order you’ve applied them in!). Then, if you can do so easily, walk to the shop’s window to take advantage of the natural light and look in a mirror to see which foundation blends in most with your skin. If you’re still unsure, the beauty expert on staff can help you choose between the shades.

Use your fingers to apply your foundation

It can sometimes feel more professional to use a brush to apply your makeup rather than just your digits, but your fingers will naturally warm up the product, which will help it melt naturally into your skin. Plus, with the touch of your fingers, you can ensure you’re applying it everywhere evenly, even into the nooks around your nose, for example. Also, remember to bring it just past your jawline, so you can avoid that dreaded mask look.

Invest in at least two shades of foundation

You probably think of one brand’s shade as your go-to foundation, but think about it: your skin (no matter how much sunscreen you put on) does change tones throughout the year. And for this reason, having at least one slightly darker shade you wear in the warmer months is a good idea.

Apply your foundation after your eye makeup

For years, have you been applying your foundation first? It actually might make more sense to put it on after your eye makeup. When you apply eyeshadow, some may trickle down onto your cheeks, which you then have to clean off, right along with the foundation you applied first! You’re then forced to reapply foundation. Apply your foundation after your eyes are done and you don’t risk this happening.

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