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The art of feng shui

A feng shui-inspired home can be uplifting and energizing. Create a home that’s filled with positive energy by following these easy tips.

Feng shui bedroom

Feng shui is an ancient art that was developed thousands of years ago in China. At its most basic it could be described as an aesthetic science that uses laws of heaven and earth to bring an abundance of positive chi, or energy, into an environment. This allows for a beautiful and harmonious living space. Although feng shui is a complex art, there are a few basic and common principles that can be easily applied when decorating your house. Consider these ideas if you would like to develop a positive feng shui foundation for your home.

Clear out the clutter

The first thing to do when creating a feng shui-inspired home is to get rid of the old energy. This means clearing it away by removing clutter. Clutter drains energy and creates a negative influence. You will also want to remove dead plants, anything that’s broken and clear away things you no longer need or use. This is all part of the de-cluttering process. Once an area is cleaned out, it’s important to keep it that way and to not let the clutter rebuild; this will help keep the energy fresh.

Natural light

Infuse your living space with natural sunlight. Positive energy flows through light and without it chi will slow down. Open the drapes and blinds during the day and keep windows sparkling clean to allow the sunshine in.

Fresh, clean air

Open the windows to allow fresh air to circulate around your home. A lack of fresh air in a home can cause its energy to become stagnant. Encourage proper flow by keeping clutter away and purify the air by adding plants or by using an air purifier. Plants will also help enhance your home’s positive energy.

Colour choices

Use one of the main principles of feng shui — the feng shui “five elements” — to help choose colours for your home. While the concept can become complex, the general idea is quite simple: you use the colours that are reflected in the five elements to help achieve the energy you desire. Here is brief overview of the five elements and their associated colours:

  • Fire: reds and oranges
  • Water: blues and black
  • Metal: silver and white
  • Earth: yellows and earth colours
  • Wood: greens and browns

Furniture placement

One of the keys to feng shui-inspired furniture placement is to ensure that there is an unblocked flow of energy around the pieces. So, for example:

  • Place large pieces of furniture, such as a bed or large couch, facing the door but off to the side.
  • Keep furniture from blocking doorways.
  • Keep the hallways clear and unobstructed.
  • Don’t cram too much furniture or too many accessories into a room.
  • Create conversation areas in living or family rooms.

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