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Budget friendly decorating: DIY shower curtains

You can’t help but perk up in the morning when you walk into your clean, nicely decorated bathroom. But if your bathroom is looking more blah than inspirational these days, maybe it’s time for a quick style change. Give it some extra flare with simple DIY shower curtains and accessories.

Shower curtainMake use of leftovers

Good-quality shower curtains tend to be comprised of two layers. The inner one is often white, grey or clear and not particularly glamorous to look at. It is waterproof and sits inside the bath so no water escapes while you shower. The outer layer can sit outside the bath so it doesn’t come in contact with the water, and therefore develops less mildew. The outer layer is the decorative side and because it doesn’t serve any purpose other than style, it can be made of absolutely any kind of fabric.

It can be challenging to find cheap plastic sheeting that is easy to work with, so it is best to purchase the inside layer. Because it is unseen, you can settle for a cheap one from a department store or even your nearest dollar store. The outer layer can be created out of any fabric you have lying around your home or you find in the clearance section of your fabric store. It could be an old, stylish bedsheet, fancy window curtains or just a large scrap of fabric. If it’s big enough to cover your shower opening, it’s perfect for your needs!

Design your own

Novelty mugs aren’t the only objects in your home that are suitable for drawing on. If you’re looking for an outlet for your artistic side, consider getting a recyclable shower curtain that is specifically made for drawing on. Whether you want to cover it with inspirational words for you to wake up to every morning or create a design that fits in with your bathroom themes, the decorating is entirely up to you. Or, get the kids to show their artistic finesse by letting them add their own style to their bathroom.

Shower curtainAccessorize

It isn’t just the curtains that can contribute style to your bathroom. For some added flair, install a hook at the side of your shower that will be used to keep the curtain tied up when not in use. The fun really starts when you get to pick whichever sort of tie you prefer. Strips of fabric, rope, beads and decorative chains are all great ways to hold your curtains back in a beautiful way. Just stop by your local craft or fabric store and let your creativity run wild.

You can do the same when it comes to the hooks or rings. Instead of paying for expensive decorative devices to hold up you shower curtain, buy a cheap set of rings at your craft store or dollar store and decorate them however you want. If you buy a wooden set they are very easy to paint and varnish. Or, pick out a plastic version and glue on anything that suits the style of your bathroom, such as flowers or beads. Just make sure to leave the inside of the rings untouched so they can slide along the bar unimpeded.

Making your bathroom look stylish doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you can have fun making unique and stunning shower curtains yourself!

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