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Beauty tips for a head-to-toe spring makeover

Lighten up for spring with sassy hair, simple makeup, softer skin and sleek style. It’s time to spring clean your beauty routine and look more radiant than ever before.

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Spring is in the air and with it the promise of a new beginning. Are you ready for a fresh start too? Shake off the winter woes, and spring forward with a new and improved appearance. These small and easy changes will give you a big boost from head to toe.

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Revitalize your locks

Hiding from the snow all winter under a wool cap? Or maybe your hair has suffered from the dry, indoor air blasts of the furnace all season? Revitalize your locks with a hot oil treatment to bring back the shine and lustre. Take a realistic look at your hair colour. Of course you’ll want to cover the stray greys, but how about a colour makeover too? A subtle change: A bit lighter, a little richer or a few highlights will go a long way to rev up your look and give you a confidence boost too. If you’ve had the same hairstyle for as long as anyone remembers, then harness your inner Jennifer Lawrence, and opt for a major change. If you aren’t quite ready to commit to cutting it all off, then start with a small change, like adding some flirty layers. Don’t be afraid to trim off an inch or two; it will increase your hair’s volume and add more bounce. Spring hair should be easy to manage and quick to style.

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Get a spring glow

Spring makeup is lighter to reflect the season, so say goodbye to the smoky eye for now, and try a softer palette. A little shimmer on the inside corners opens up your eyes and helps them look bigger and brighter. Brows frame your face, so you want the happy medium — not unkempt and bushy or scarcely there wispy. Groom your brows, and use brow corrector to fill in gaps. Pick a pretty spring shade of lipstick to replace winter reds, and paint your pout a yummy berry or coral colour. Kate Hudson exemplifies an understated look that’s perfect for spring.

Exfoliate and polish

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Photo credit: Essie Canada

Winter skin can get dry and dull, which can make you look tired or even older than you actually are. Exfoliate hands and feet with a gentle sugar scrub, and moisturize frequently. Go lighter and brighter on nail polish for spring. Think punchy pinks, pastels, pinky-golds or a crisp French manicure. We’re loving the spring collection from Essie. Be sure to give your feet a little attention too — you’re only a few months away from sandal season.

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Add a pop of colour

Winter is filled with rich tones and heavier fabrics, so think colourful and light for spring. Trade the wool for cotton options, and the dark hues for bright colours or fun prints. Invest in a couple of pieces that will help your fashion transition from winter to spring: a neutral tote, a brightly coloured cashmere cardigan (, $209) to toss over your shoulders or a not-for-snow-and-slush pair of heels with a peep toe or slingback.

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