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Winter to spring transition ideas

Making the fashion transition from winter to spring doesn’t have to be a confusing task. Consider these fashion tips to make your wardrobe transition easier as the seasons change.

Winter to spring fashionAdd a punch of colour

An easy way to freshen up your winter wardrobe and to start making it spring-ready is to add a punch of colour. With colour trends all over the place this spring season, it’s hard to go wrong. Saturated sorbet hues were a hit on the runway and are easy to find, so consider adding a handbag in mint or lemon or a lightweight scarf in raspberry infusion or pastel pink — just to get you started. Tangerine is also a favourite colour inspiration for spring, so brighten up your deep-winter blacks and browns with a fresh infusion of orange.

Think layers

The weather can be unpredictable, so add layers. The days gradually become longer in the spring as the sun takes its rightful place higher in the sky, so some wardrobe pieces may seem a bit too heavy at this time of year. It might be time to store that heavy wool coat and instead turn to layering to stay warm and fashionable. While most spring wardrobe pieces tend to be more summer-inspired, cardigans, fitted blazers and sweaters can all be layered with T-shirts, tanks, button-down shirts and more to keep you all-weather-ready. Add a long rectangle scarf and a pair of leather gloves and you’re good to go!

Lighten up on materials

It might not be quite the right time for your cotton capris, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck wearing lined wool pants either. Go ahead and start adding some lighter materials, such as linen, cotton, lighter weight wools, silks and sheers to your repertoire of fashion. Mix and match them with your winter faves to create a look that’s emerging to spring.

Go back to the classics

The classics didn’t get that moniker by accident. They are key pieces to add to your wardrobe anytime, to keep you fashionable and current. A beige trench coat and dark denim jeans will take you from winter to spring in the blink of an eye. Try pairing your jeans with a spring favourite — the peplum top or a sheer blouse — and you’ll be making headway into spring. Ditch your winter coat to warm yourself in the perennial favourite, the beige trench, and soon you’ll be thinking April in Paris.

Start slow

The key is to find the balance between winter and spring, so start slow and find out what works best. Spring will roll around soon enough, but get a head start to keep yourself fashion-forward. Start by adding one or two pieces that are trendy this spring and then go from there!

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