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Pre-shave: How to prep your legs for a great shave

Revamp your shaving routine for the spring. Put our five-step pre-shaving method into practice for soft and smooth legs that are free of nicks, cuts and bumps.

woman with silky smooth legs

Heat things up a bit

Before you set out to shave, make sure the water in your shower or bath is warm. By keeping warm, you will avoid getting goosebumps while you’re shaving your legs. This will actually help you to get a closer shave for legs that ultimately stay smoother longer.

Never shave dry

Shaving dry skin can be painful, and it just never seems to get close enough to the skin. No matter how sharp your razor is, you’ll probably still be left with post-shave stubble — completely frustrating and a giant waste of time.

Before you shave your legs, wet your skin and let it soften from the moisture for about three minutes. The hair will actually plump up in the water, which will allow you to get a close shave without any painful razor burn, scratches or cuts.

Exfoliate your skin before you begin

Shaving actually exfoliates your skin, so if you have a lot of dry or dead skin on your body before you begin, the dead skin will likely clog up your razor. You can avoid this by:

  • Never shaving dry skin
  • Exfoliating before you shave

Use exfoliation gloves, a loofah or even a dry body brush. Just make sure to keep your body brush out of the water, as it may rot or warp, depending on the materials that it’s made from. As an added benefit, many people swear by body brushes as the key to detoxification of the body. Some believe that skin brushing helps to dissolve cellulite, stimulates hormones, increases blood flow and even strengthens the immune system. Though the health claims are yet to be proven, you can bet that it does a great job at smoothing out the skin and will help you to achieve the closest shave possible.

Lather up

Once you have spent at least three minutes in the water and have exfoliated properly, it’s time to lather up. Use a shaving gel or cream that is free of alcohol and perfumes. This will help to keep your legs, bikini area and underarms moisturized while you are shaving. Using a gel or cream instead of soap is incredibly important for that reason. The warm water is important but will dry out your skin, so you don’t want to pair it with another moisture thief like soap.

Use a good razor

The very best thing to do to avoid nicks and cuts from shaving is to choose a razor with a sharp blade. A razor that scratches or pulls is telling you that it needs to be replaced. Also, look for razors with wire wrapped blades. They help to prefent careless nicks and cuts by providing a small guard for you to go by. Smooth shaving!

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