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The best way to shave your legs

Find out how to get the closest shave and smoothest legs ever!

Woman shaving legs in bath

Shaving our legs first became popular during World War II, when nylon stocking were in short supply and women were forced to begin going bare-legged. The trend has continued over the years as fashions evolved and hemlines crept higher! We have many options these days, from laser hair removal to waxing, but shaving remains the most common — and least expensive — method. A few tips can help you do it right and avoid cuts, nicks and shaving irritations.

First, find the perfect razor. There are a variety of choices: lubricated strips, pivoting heads, spring-mounted multiple blades. Experiment until you meet your match! And be sure to change razors or cartridges often, because a dull blade does a poor job and can cause nicks.

Warm Up

Begin shaving halfway through a warm shower or bath. This allows time to soften the hair so that it’s not too coarse and your skin isn’t too puffy. If you shave when you first get in the shower, the shave won’t be as close because the hair will be stiffer. You’ll also be more susceptible to razor burn! If you wait until the end of your shower, your skin will be a little more swollen and the shave won’t be as close as it could be.


Scrub your legs with a loofah lathered with shower gel to rinse away any dead skin or soap residue.


Create a lather with shaving cream, shower gel or whatever product you like best and smooth it over one leg. Start at your ankle and work the lather all the way up the leg.

Shave up

The hair on your legs grows down, so shave up — against the grain. Start at the ankle and work up the leg using short strokes and gentle pressure. Rinse the razor off between strokes. Knees are the most difficult area — keep your knee bent and shave in various directions, then straighten the knee and go over it again. On the back of your thigh, glide your hands in various directions to feel which way the hair is growing. As you slide the razor over your leg with one hand, use the other to feel the shaved part of your leg to check for any spot you missed.

An easy position for shaving your legs in the shower is to prop your foot on the tub deck or rest it against the wall of the shower. After getting out of the shower, pat your silky smooth legs dry and apply moisturizer on damp skin.

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