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6 Manicures that’ll last you longer than a day or two

Your nails look great after you leave the nail salon, but the next day, you already have a chip in your polish. This can be so frustrating! For options that’ll last you longer, try one of these newer manicure choices.

Woman showing off manicure

If you love the look of polished nails but hate how nail polish chips so quickly, be sure to check out one of these six options. They stay chip-free for as long as two weeks — seriously!


This gel-polish hybrid stays put for two weeks without chipping. At the nail salon, the aesthetician will apply it much like a regular polish; the main difference is that in between coats you briefly cure the product under a UV lamp. In order to remove it, you typically have to go into the nail salon to have it removed, but armed with some 100 per cent acetone, you could attempt the removal process on your own at home.

OPI Axxium

Axxium Soak-off Gel Lacquer is closer to a gel nail than Shellac (see above). The process for application is similar to Shellac, but you may find the product a bit thicker on your nail. It also tends to be tougher to remove (we recommend leaving this removal job up to your nail salon expert).

OPI GelColor

One of the newest options in the manicure department, this gel product is a little thinner than Axxium, dries faster and is cured in an LED UV-lamp instead.

Broadway Nails ImPress Press-on Manicure

Made of a flexible plastic with a sticky adhesive on the back, these ImPress nails (available in solid shades and in patterns) go on in a jiffy, allowing you to have your nails look done in no time flat. To remove, simply peel off gently.


A favourite of celebs, including Rihanna and Lady Gaga, these flexible polymer strips (available in a huge range of colours and patterns) essentially get shrink-wrapped onto your nail bed using a gentle lamp. The excess strip hanging over the tip of your nail is then filed off by your nail expert (note that Minx is only available through a nail expert; it’s not a DIY product). Remove by heating your nails under a blow-dryer and then peeling them off.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Similar to Minx in terms of the wide range of fun colours and patterns available, this is a product you can apply on your own at home. These “stickers” are actually made of nail polish and as such, you remove it as you would polish — with a nail polish remover.

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